Building a feedback system that comes from users to DappRadar

I have an idea and I want to share it and discuss it with the DappRadar community

Now any user can use DappRadar to extract the information about any application
or extract information and reports provided by DappRadar in other fields

But there is no possibility for any user to write information, comments and evaluation to any application

DappRadar currently is not interested in collecting ratings, information and feedback from users , there is no interaction from users with DappRadar or with each other

If there is a possibility for the user to see other users’ ratings, comments, information they leave, and feedback , this makes the content richer and more valuable

This makes the site more interactive and lively. when anyone can see information provided by DappRadar beside information provided by other users, their comments and ratings

This makes the information flow in both directions from DappRadar to users and from users to DappRadar

The idea is for discussion and I hope to see the opinions of members in the comments

i don’t feel this is true. they always replied to peoples questions from what i seen.

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@madeafterdeath I do not mean that, I mean that when you review an application, you can rate it, such as giving it 4 stars from 5, for example, you can write a comment under the application, for example, Uniswap, user give 4 stars, and write a comment about his experience with it , Is this available now on DappRadar ? I mean something like what we see in Google Play you can leave a comment under the application and put an evaluation

@madeafterdeath something like that

app evaluation

write a comment

Is this available now in DappRadar ??
I can do that with any Dapp ?? and How I can do that ??

For example, can I write a comment and put a rating on this application, for example??

How can I do that ??

ah i see what you mean a comment area under the dapps you can look at to see users experiences and thoughts and even write your own thoughts and experience. yer that’s cool. (good idea)

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they have DappBoost. Maybe let people leave comments if they are boosting the dapp maybe? that way would stop bots from posting comments unless someone felt the need to set bots up on a boost to just spam comment there dapps and also means people are not gonna throw FUD around about every project unless they feel super bad about it.

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@madeafterdeath Can you please explain to me what it is DappBoost?

ok so when you stake your bnb on there website you are given a option to boost a dapp for Free… image
That’s where you can see it on the staking page.
With that you can boost dapps you like ect ect ect.
and when people look up boosted dapps they are the only ones that show up.(if they have been boosted)

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@madeafterdeath Thank you for your explanation and clarification