Analysis of other DAOs forums Part 1

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

New form of organization appeared to the world and its emergence was more related to crypto industry and it is also a new, unique and distinctive form of democracy and centralized systems of government
From my point of view, it is able to change the face of the world and changed our view of things and shown a new way of managing

from a website messari We can explore a lot of DAOs organizations

My idea that analyze other forums and transfer ideas that are suitable and useful for DappRadar it is one of the ways to develop DappRadar forum

Each forum is completely different from the others
It has a different nature of discussions and a different method of use, even the nature of the members is different

Some forums are less active and almost useless ,while some forums are very active we can find projects in the crypto world literally run by forum and community members

all proposals, partnerships, ideas, appointment of employees, determining salaries and anything else is through the forum
forum discusses everything and then sends the approved proposals to Snapshot

There are other forums that are full of ideas and visions and always present good things such as ways to governance, ways to prepare budgets, accounting, management , marketing and product development.
All this is published on the forum in the public , and other DAOs organizations can benefit from it, study it, and implement it

I’ll try to analyze the other DAOs forums ,one forum every time and I will select ideas that can be transferred and benefited to DappRadar Forum

I will start by analyzing 1hive forum , I see it as a good forum

Forum sections

One of the most good sections, and I hope to establish a similar one in DappRadar

Ideas , Cafe

In the Ideas section, we will find many members who publish good ideas that they try to benefit the project , in fact some of them are good and useful for other crypto projects

In the Cafe section we find useful discussions and sometimes produce ideas that help the success of the project

The interaction in the forum is high

These sections can be transferred to DappRadar and may achieve high success and interaction, now DappRadar has not completely converted to decentralization, so other sections, such as the proposals, will not achieve good interaction but something like Ideas , Cafe sections can achieve good interaction.

There are many topics in this forum about governance, building the DAO, and marketing
and about establishing a structure and laws for the DAO and many other topics

maybe this forum is not a model of decentralization and does not manage the project

But what I liked about it the interaction of members in presenting new ideas and in discussions, and this can be implemented in DappRadar