Ambassador Program: Season 1 Discussions

GM Explorers!

For the sake of transparency and to ensure that our community remains well-informed, I’d like to dive deep into the operational aspects of the Ambassador Program. Going forward, most of our discussions related to this will occur here on the forums.

Operational Work Outline for Season 1 Preparation:

  • Develop onboarding videos and comprehensive knowledge enrichment content.
    Organize event planning for regular community spaces.
  • Establish communication channels and a specific communication plan for each marketing head’s interaction with ambassadors, outlining key discussion points.
  • Design feedback forms, weekly report templates, and compile a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.
  • Determine work schedules or time assignments for ambassadors and detail their responsibilities and tasks.
  • Send direct invitations to key influencers and eligible ambassadors.
  • Procure and produce visual assets with the Design team and for content creators to use throughout the plan.
  • Liaise with team members to identify potential ambassador-hosted activities.


For a clearer understanding of our objectives and the underlying reasons for each action, I’ve compiled everything on a Notion page. This page will also offer insights into the complete plan and framework for Ambassador Program Season 1. Please note that it will be updated and expanded continuously.

Your feedback and suggestions will be invaluable in refining our approach. Let’s make this season a success!


I will try to be a Ambassador


The initial goal of launching the ambassador program by early October faced setbacks, moving the date from 5th to 14th of October due to internal delays like team absences and priority reassessment amidst year-end closing. Additionally, the time-consuming process of directly engaging with influencers has contributed to the delay.
While most organizational prep work and tasks are 50% to 70% complete, the 14th of October remains a tight deadline, with the potential for a further week’s delay if unforeseen challenges arise.


We have successfully reached out to and received confirmation from most of the new ambassadors. Although there are still conversations to be had with some, we are confident about launching the program soon. Bearing that in mind, the start date is set for the 30th of October.

We should seize this opportunity, let’s approach this with enthusiasm and positivity. :muscle: :partying_face:

We’ve posted an update about the program here, and we’re in the process of finalizing procedures to ensure we begin on the right foot.


Due to certain challenges, we’ve decided to launch the program on November 2nd. The 30th was so Spooky :ghost: that we hesitated to initiate the program on that day.

Stay tuned for further updates.


Following on the update

There are two main speculative issues at hand here: firstly, people might be feeling demotivated because the ambassador program isn’t meeting expectations. Secondly, not all the actions we outlined at the beginning to improve the program have been implemented so far.

We had many things planned, but not everything has been successful. We should revisit and focus on accomplishing them over the next 10 weeks.

What are those?

  • Sessions with the DappRadar team.
  • Engagement with the ambassadors from the DappRadar team.
  • Inter-ambassadorial engagement.

What actions have we taken regarding the previous point?

  • We conducted an internal ambassador culture-sharing session, during which we observed some team members and ambassadors engaging with each other.
  • Thus far, we’ve had one meeting with the ambassadors discussing DappRadar, including insights into the vision and mission directly from the founders. A great introductory meeting.

Next steps:

  • Schedule an Ambassador meeting with the DappRadar team for Q2.
  • Organize another Ambassador-to-Ambassador engagement session.


The team is feeling overwhelmed; everyone has a significant number of tasks to complete. We have numerous development, maintenance, and support tasks for the DappRadar products. As you can see, Quests keeps on improving. We are adding more chain integrations like Aptos and Oasys, with Aleph hopefully coming soon. Additionally, more product features are being added, so far we had TokenSwap and Web3 ecosystem page (with tons of backend improvements). In the DAO, we’ve had a lot of metagovernance and DAO-to-DAO collaborations. Furthermore, we’ve been busy with reports and collaborative work with many Web3 organizations. And there’s a lot more happening behind the scenes.

What is Alex thinking?

We have several things that need to be explored:

  • We need to assess the performance of ambassadors and understand how they feel about their work.
  • We need to reevaluate those who are not performing and determine why.
  • Find solutions to improve performance.
  • We need to decide whether the program should primarily focus on DappRadar as a product or on DappRadar DAO and its community exclusively. This decision will have implications across various aspects of our work.
  • We must consider whether to align with DAO-to-DAO and metagovernance processes or not.
  • Should we maintain our goals for DappRadar awareness and data contribution, or should we transition to deeper, more specialized topics?

What’s happening? What’s the latest? Alex’s perspective (the huge Rant)

Rant 1: I believe the ambassador program should be improved. Monthly basis payment is not ideal; it should be task-based. For this to work, DappRadar Quests need to be compatible. Otherwise, it will require a lot of manual work from my side, which is currently not feasible. The tasks themselves can also be enhanced. Some ambassadors may not be satisfied with them because they might not align with their preferences, or perhaps we assigned the wrong tasks to the wrong ambassadors.

Rant 2: The sudden switch by David was a bit discouraging, but in my opinion, it was necessary to regroup the ambassadors and work closely to better understand their needs.

Rant 3: Low team engagement with ambassadors is a concern (i know), compounded by the team’s busy schedule as mentioned above. While this isn’t an excuse, but maintaining a healthy work-life balance is crucial.

Rant 4: Personally, as the one who initiated and planned Season 0 and 1, I believe it’s time for the ambassadors to shift their focus from working solely with DappRadar as a product to emphasizing DappRadar as a DAO community. This transition will entail changes in ambassador tasks: dapp listings will no longer be an ambassador responsibility; instead, we’ll need more content creators for platforms like X and Twitter to promote DappRadar DAO. There should be increased outreach to other DAOs for potential collaborations, along with more educational initiatives and research. Additionally, ambassadors may need to take a more hands-on approach in the community, organizing events and providing moderation and support. Essentially, the community on Discord (and possibly Telegram) will be overseen by the DAO initiative, with ambassador assistance.

Waiting for comments :point_down:


Alex im happy doing what ever you know i am. Getting community to get involved is hard without £$£$£ being attached to it. (this is crypto tho so to be expected)

This transition will entail changes in ambassador tasks: dapp listings will no longer be an ambassador responsibility; instead, we’ll need more content creators for platforms like X and Twitter to promote DappRadar DAO. (i feel like im already doing this already so ill stick to listing dapps as well i dont mind even if you get rid of it just means i dont have to do it also if i need to do more with my twitter space just let me know)

Additionally, ambassadors may need to take a more hands-on approach in the community, organizing events and providing moderation and support. Essentially, the community on Discord (and possibly Telegram) will be overseen by the DAO initiative, with ambassador assistance. (i know this isnt for me >.> you other ambassadors) JayP could possibly make a good telegram ambassador if he uses it. (i know hes not an ambassador but he is active and wants to learn/help if hes up for the role in a couple of months should onboard him 100%)

We could do a morning chat like a coffee chat for a hour in mornings on discord. ambassadors and team have a chat what they going to be doing for the day (not every detail but something) and wander off not like everyone needs to be there was well. (7am to 8am) say.
Or on other hand do a hour on discord after the day is done and talk about what u been up to done during the day say 5pm till 6pm something like that. if there is enough of us there chatting tho pretty sure other people will join. I’m not sure me i tried to get community more involved before if any ones got any good ideas would love to hear them.

Thanks for the updates and rants alex.

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Hey everyone. I didn’t knew about David. I’m enjoying doing the Pro newsletter, and i’m trying to improve it with time. The end of the year wasn’t a good timming for me because there was summer vacation (2 months with kidS at home full time). I’m comfortable with the Pro News, it’s been hard to keep up writing everyday at X and create content around there, but i have other ideas. I’ve talked about DappRadar in a video with 10 toos in YT and people asked me to do a piece focused on DappRadar, and it’s on my to do list. I’ll improve the Pro News and bring more quality content, my newsletter have a DappRadar fixed session every single day i share reports and articles people are engaging there. Alex asked me for some influencers on X and i didn’t forgot, just had to deal with some painful stuff around, but ill do it. Lets have a call and elaborate mora how can we improve our contributions.


Thanks for this update, Alex. It’s good to keep in the loop with all the different activities, and the ups and downs.

It’s clear that having someone dedicated solely to the Ambassador Program, in combination with a bigger budget would be helpful. But with the current allocated resources, the team has done quite well. I often see Ambassadors like Crypto Berries, Madeafterdeath, and Luciano’s X posts. And always either engage or like when I do.

I do think that if we’re able to get through this current lull, we can pick up the engagement again, especially as the market starts warming up too. I think that the team definitely needs to support more too. I understand that it’s difficult for the team to actively talk about RADAR for legal reasons, but other topics in and around our mission can be mentioned.

Looking forward to having more sessions with the Ambassadors and the teams. Despite the resource restraints, we’ve been working internally on quite a few initiatives and it’s going to be great to actively get into calls with the community and share, learn, and trade up ideas.

Personally, a small increase in my activity on the Forum and Discord has shown me that we have some really smart community members who have a deep understanding of what we’re building and the patience to build it alongside us. Tapping into that energy could also help the Ambassador metrics over time too.


I know I have been a little absent lately but I am still fully committed to DappRadar but I was disheartened by the addition of David to the team as well as the lack of communication from the DappRadar team to the ambassadors.

I am also in a tricky part of my life as a navigate young children and an ailing mother, all while dealing with the highest cost of living America has ever seen. Not too mention I live in one of the most expensive zip codes in the United States. All that to say I have actively been looking for another job, while doing odd project focused work for other web3 projects.

So its been really challenging to find projects (2) let alone one that we could have unbiased conversations with. I am open to continuing hosting DappRadar X spaces but I need the team to organize them. You guys have all the connections so it only makes sense from my point of view. If you really want me to organize them I can do so, but it would be so helpful if they team provided guidance on who they wanted in the spaces.

I had mentioned to David I would be looking for that guidance and he said once I came up with topics he would provide the project connections but that never happened, even though I provided the topics. I think it really hurt the mission of the ambassadors when Alex got too busy as he was our lifeline to DappRadar.

Without the proper guidance, everything just feels disconnected and its hard to push forward. I do appreciate all the hard work from the team Product and DAO at DappRadar are freaking killing it. I hope this helps. I hope everyone is doing well.

PS I got some ideas on how to contribute better personally in the meantime Ash and I are thinking about doing a weekly spaces where we just sit and chat about stuff. Hes been showing in my streams every time I am on which is really cool. Finally, I have been thinking about doing a daily stream where I just search through and talk about trending projects on DappRadar.



ill turn up to the spaces mike for sure. (i want other ambassadors and team members to turn up as well its not mandatory but you can pop in from time to time get on stage and say hi, have a chit chat, Possibly get interrogated(you don’t have to say anything tho), its going to be trying to get the community more verbally active which i hope in turn will turn to the keyboard tapping and suggestions a more active community)

Also alex has been super busy. and david did leave he will be missed…alex cant be hand holding us mike…we need to do this stuff down to us to set it up and do it and then say look we did this…and if they go OMFG what are you doing??? thats on them lol…we still need to fill in that weekly form tho that is mandatory as it lets them know what we been doing.

Also another idea of what we could do is we all get together us ambassadors or as many as we can gather on twitter and then we all join a small space (together) and talk to the people in that space so they will be like O.o wow…show’s unity and the smaller spaces will pay more attention to Radar. (nods)

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