Add light theme

I have a proposal to add a light theme to DappRadar website and DappRadar forum beside dark one
Many crypto websites have this feature

Light theme is more comfortable for the eyes and many prefer it dark theme if anyone focus for long time on the screen it becomes tired for eyes
Especially if this person after that moved to a light-colored website it’s tired for the eyes

Although it seems like a simple feature I think it is a very important

In order to attract users to stay on DappRadar website for a long time, perhaps a simple detail such as a light theme makes a very big difference.

Make the user more comfortable and able to use the website for a longer period

This is just a picture to illustrate the idea.
It is possible that the design of the light theme for DappRadar will be different and better

Also, the forum needs a light theme next to the dark one

If there is a possibility to use a light theme in the forum or DappRadar website, please alert me in the comments. I am a user of DappRadar website, and I did not find this possibility in an apparent place for me.