Would native staking benefit the community, and is it something people want?

I’ve seen a few people discussing this topic in the discord and was curious what other people thought.

I would be very interested in the community pursuing native staking because it would incentivize more airdrop claimers to hold, and bolster our ranks. Dapp Radar has a very large community fund, but it’s important for us to use it wisely. There are some things for us to think about, if we want a native staking option…

  1. How many tokens would be Distributed?
  2. How long would the native staking period be?
  3. Are there any lock-up periods for staking?

I’m sure you guys can think of more, but this is just a little something to get us started. Thank you!


yes i agree with that. it really worked in many projects and I think it will be valid in this radar. healthy growth is the best

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yes I am Agree but I was no Time because I am Employ so I am seen this please

Yes it will really benefit the community a lot