What projects there are that we should know them and engage?

Hi my dear friends;
I think it would be great if we introduce new projects to everone in this community and to the team thay may cause to tracked by DappRadar For example we can give general information about the projects like:
1.which category it is? game,dex,…
2.How it works or how can we deal with it.
3.which blockchain the project is launched.
4.introduce the team of the project.
5.Give a pros and cons of the project.

As you know blockchain and digital world is getting bigger very fast and there is no time or enough effor to track and follow each network or every project so we have to help eachother.
I think we can help to the Dappradar and also help each other to increase our information and knowledge on projects and new techs that is coming or already came.
thank you all.


The first project I want to introduce is Avaxtars game it is launched on Avalanch network and has a great active team.
Avaxtars is a Browser Based Idle Sci-Fi Game on Blockchain

Avaxtars is the first browser based Play to Earn (P2E) idle game on Avalanche platform.

game’s official account: @Avaxtars_Game
read white-paper in here : https://whitepaper.avaxtars.com/

Users can use ERC-721 NFTs to produce new ones and may earn $AVXT which is the main gaming token of the Avaxtars and limited to 1,000,000 hardcap.
With a solid roadmap Avaxtars have been delivering new mechanics, earnings and fun to the users. Following a major update in December 2021, Avaxtars is aiming to launch on other blockchain platforms within 2022. Join this rapidly end exponentially growing adventure and become a part of the first Blockhain wars in a real multiverse experience.

Wow this is a very nice idea… Would love if the DappRadar team can look into it… Nice one

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we should share our ideas to help eachother.

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Yeah I’m with you anytime

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