[DCP-5] Cross-Chain Staking Development Options for DappRadar

Another update, naturally crazy week. Chasing auditor for final report, hoping it’s in the next few days. Will post here as soon as final report is done and then get engineering timeline right after that. Let’s hope this week is a bit saner than the last


Thanks @lz.Primo - also happy to learn about your actions taking back your share away from Alameda/FTX :clap:

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fix the contract please.


Please fix the contract, it has been months and we’re all waiting…the time frames you posted have all passed!

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How is that auditor report coming along? :slight_smile:


would be nice to know. How long left? 1 more week 2 more weeks is it gonna be fixed for this month next month start of next year?

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The audit is officially done by Zellic and is now public here (GitHub - LayerZero-Labs/dapp-radar-library: patch library for DappRadar post ULNv2 security upgrade). Now that final version is set in stone we’ll start the engineering side and I’ll come back with a timeline asap once I speak to the team


thank you for the update. Crossing fingers for a non-delayed golive!


Takes you a week to speak to the team? Come on already let’s get this fixed please. This isn’t looking good on layerzero honestly.

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Hey there, could you explain what happened? We have channels to deal with these issues and we’ll send you to the proper place.

Hi @lz.Primo has anyone on the team picked this up for resolution as yet?

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It’s 12 days already and still no update on when the code will be pushed through by the team to reopening staking/unstaking. This is very irresponsible of Dapp Radar team and is unacceptable.

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Hello there @microbilo , thanks for reaching out.

We were hoping to share some updates last week already as we’re going through the last stages of reviewing the smart contracts. But we’ve been actively working on this with @lz.Primo and the LayerZero, even over the weekend.

Looking forward to sharing some more results soon. Another update will definitely come this week for the community.

I have a hunch that this will not be fixed till after the DEV team token unlock which Is believed to happen on Dec 14 of this month…This long awaited delay of 3+ months seems very suspicious. Was this done on purpose so we the stakers cannot access our tokens so the DEV team can sell theirs first?

:clap: Hey @cryptozub, I can understand the feeling. There have been quite a few bad actors in our industry coming to light, and it creates a bad impression. But I do want to assure you that the DappRadar team and LayerZero are working on a daily basis to resolve the staking, and we’ve always acted in good faith to provide you with timely and transparent information.

It’s always a risk when working with cutting-edge technology; and for cross-chain staking to become normal, there needs to be pioneers. Security in these matters is obviously the most important, so on top of taking time to sort out the auditing, there are a few more internal tests that are necessary.

We understand that it’s frustrating and you’d rather have it fixed immediately, but for now thanks for your patience, and we’ll update you soon. The team is available for any questions at any time.

How about you show us action instead of just words…lots of deadlines have been posted about this and they were all never met…I have lost trust with the dappradar team and the lack of care provided on discord proves that…we don’t care about new this and new that announcements, we want our tokens released back to us. Thanks

Dear DappRadar Community,

RADAR staking functionality has been resumed and can now be accessed by everyone.

Working with newest technologies and innovations often comes with foreseen and unforeseen challenges, one of which we experienced. Thanks to @lz.Primo and the whole LayerZero team for their dedication to solve the issue.
I want to thank everyone for their patience during this process. It has taken longer than any of us expected and I am sorry for any inconvenience that it might have caused.

I appreciate our community holding up together not just during good periods but also during challenging ones.

We remain committed to our mission and we can only succeed with your support. We have been building DappRadar for almost 5 years already and we’re still heads down building the best dapp distribution & analytics platform, the World’s Dapp Store.


Thanks for fixing the issue…if layerzero does future updates, will this problem happen again?

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That should not be the case. We can be sure that next time LZ does upgrade, they keep DappRadar in mind as they have been going through our contracts very deeply this time.


I withdrew and restaked. Smooth AF. Thanks @SkirmantasJ!

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