[DCP-3] Bounties platform Layer3 vs DeWork


Bounties and community contributions are important steps towards DappRadar’s big plans: Contribute2Earn. DappRadar is undergoing a transformation process which is focused on turning from a fully centralized and opaque company, to a decentralized and transparent entity.

It is important to create an environment where the community can shape and contribute to the vision and be a meaningful part of this journey.


DappRadar is the biggest dapp store, tracking over 45 chains, analyzing the most popular verticals, like decentralized games and Play2Earn, Metaverse projects, DeFi protocols and many others. We’re processing terabytes of data on a daily basis that helps us display relevant data to our users. The research team is publishing great insights on the hottest industry events, working closely with the content team which is writing interesting articles about the most important dapps on a daily basis.

Everyone can be part of all these activities, everyone can contribute, either by coding, writing, designing or researching. It is important to mention that, all the participants will be rewarded with RADAR tokens for their involvement and contributions (communicated upfront).

Initially, DappRadar is going to publish all the available opportunities that will keep expanding as the capabilities to ingest all the community contributions will mature, by open sourcing more and more and by becoming more transparent. As the time passes, the community or other ecosystem participants will also be able to publish opportunities. When this time will come, Contribute2Earn model will become a reality. As a reminder, 40% of the total RADAR supply is allocated to the Community fund.

Examples (but not limited to):

  • Integrate OpenSea Marketplace (Solana) in the NFT Marketplaces tracking
  • Write a “How to breed Axies” guide for Axie Infinity
  • Create a video overview of the DappRadar’s mobile app on Android
  • Integrate Trader Joe protocol on DeFi TVL tracking

To move forward with this initiative, research was done on two platforms which will enable the collaboration between DappRadar and the community in a transparent and accessible manner.

These two platforms are Layer3 and DeWork.


Layer3 - layer3.xyz

  • User friendly
  • Flexible
  • One-time tasks oriented
  • Supports bounties, contests and projects
  • Contributors reputation leaderboards
  • On-chain and off-chain validation (e.g. transactions, GitHub, APIs, etc.)

Read Layer3 Documentation - For Contributors

DeWork - dework.xyz

  • Trello-like dashboard
  • Project management oriented
  • Discord integration (reputation, tasks, etc.)
  • Community voting
  • On-chain and off-chain validation (e.g. transactions, GitHub, APIs, etc.)
  • Complex interface for simple tasks

Read DeWork Documentation - For Contributors


  • Grow ecosystem engagement
  • Learn and research activity for upcoming Contribute2Earn concept
  • Generate extra content which is going to attract more users to the ecosystem
  • Sharing knowledge with the users and the community
  • Instantiate RADAR tokens as a way to reward and pay users for contributing to the DappRadar product
  • Extend DappRadar data coverage
  • Dedicated platform for managing bounties and tasks

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