[DCP-12] Ambassador Pilot Program

Co-Authored by: DappRadar (@Alex-Mammoth and @vandynathan)


As we transition to DAO 2.0, it is important to provide more opportunities for the community to contribute to the success of the DappRadar platform & the DAO. The Ambassador Pilot Program aims to achieve this by initiating a two-months period for selected community members to choose roles where they can contribute to and support our vision. This Proposal outlines the high-level features of the Pilot Program, including requesting a budget to remunerate the participants.


DappRadar’s vision is a testament to the importance of community in our success. Our community members, including RADAR holders, developers, contributors, delegates, meta-governors, and others, are integral to achieving this vision. We believe fostering a passionate and engaged community is essential for DappRadar’s growth and sustainability.
To ensure success and sustainability, it is crucial to build trust within the community. Additionally, the community’s contributions and governance efforts are essential for the DAO’s success, which is critical for DappRadar’s operations. Therefore, community involvement and collaboration are integral to the growth and success of the ecosystem.

The ambassador program is an excellent way to push the vision and grow the community from within. Ultimately, our vision underscores the importance of community building in achieving our goal of becoming the World’s Dapp Store built by millions and used by billions.



The DappRadar Ambassador Pilot Program is a community-led initiative to increase brand awareness, drive user acquisition, and foster engagement. This program seeks to expand the DappRadar ecosystem and establish relationships with dapp communities, users, and other DAOs across the industry by creating a community of passionate supporters.

A DappRadar Ambassador is critical in contributing to the growth of the World’s Dapp Store and empowering users to participate in the Web3 industry. They also can be part of a supportive community of like-minded individuals committed to creating a more accessible and inclusive decentralized ecosystem.

The DappRadar Pilot program will be a two-month experiment to assess how deep community engagement can support the growth of DappRadar & the DAO. Insights gained from the program will shape future Ambassador Programs as we develop more contribution opportunities.

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Selection process

We plan to select five ambassadors to represent the community and fill the mentioned roles.

  • Application process will open up for 10 days from May 9th to May 16th
  • Interview and screening period will be from 19th of May till the 27th of May
  • Select and announce the ambassadors on the 30th of May
  • Kick-off Season 0 on the 5th of June!


We propose distributing the budget for our Ambassador Pilot Program equally among our 5 ambassadors. The program will run for 2 months, and we will allocate a budget of 200,000 RADAR, which equates to 20,000 RADAR per ambassador per month.

Distributing the budget equally is a fair and transparent way to compensate our ambassadors. It ensures that each ambassador is paid consistently and acknowledges the value of their contributions to the program. It also fosters collaboration and teamwork among the ambassadors, as everyone works together towards a common goal with equal compensation.

Furthermore, dividing the budget simplifies the logistics of managing payments, as there is no need to calculate individual payments based on workload or performance. This approach will allow us to focus on measuring the program’s effectiveness and adjusting the budget distribution based on the results.


  • Increase in brand awareness and boost credibility by targeting dapp owners and developers to establish DappRadar as a trusted industry partner.
  • More engagement with stronger and diverse relationships in our ecosystem
  • Increase internal knowledge regarding Web3 gaming’s potential opportunities and the emerging sector.


  • This proposal requires financial costs and additional operational effort to start and maintain throughout the period of the Program, which could potentially delay other work
  • Limited geographic reach: The program may face constraints in expanding industry presence and reaching untapped audiences in certain regions due to geographic limitations
  • It is unclear how valuable the output would be for the first Program


  • FOR: Agree with the current structure and remuneration package for the Ambassador Pilot Program
  • Disagree with the structure and remuneration package

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Someone didn’t put the AGAINST in the poll, I wonder who :thinking:

I abstain from voting at the moment, in order to first address two thoughts:

  1. I think this proposal should also highlight the need to find DappRadar ambassadors outside our own community. People who can be a brand ambassador for let’s say The Sandbox, Decentraland or the Yuga ecosystem, within our platform.

  2. I’m missing the ways we would measure the success of the Ambassadors, the targets / goals / KPIs they need to meet in order to receive the RADAR payment. For example, success will be measured through a) active engagement through the time period b) provable efforts to achieve goals c) goals include but are not limited to the task descriptions as set for each role.

  1. At present, this proposal is only for the pilot program. I believe we are not yet ready to approach bigger brands or communities to have their own brand ambassadors in our community. Our first priority is to empower our existing community, which as we both know, has not been as engaged as we would like it to be. With this program, we aim to strengthen the current DappRadar community, grow it, and then move toward the expansion you mentioned.
  2. All of this information is readily available. Some of the details you are asking for can be found in the one-pager we shared on Discord. In addition, we have proposed an equal-pay compensation method for our ambassadors. Since this is a pilot program, we want our ambassadors to feel equal and work together as a team, not in a competitive setting. These initial ambassadors could also serve as mentors for future ambassadors, so we want to foster a sense of connection and teamwork among them. I will get back to you with the rest of the details.

This is a welcome development I love the idea.


Snapshot vote results:

:white_check_mark: Vote passed

You can see all the details on the snapshot proposal.

FOR: 11M RADAR - Whooping 100%


Total votes: 93

Next steps

The application process for the Pilot program will officially open up tomorrow. The form will be available to the public, and we will make sure to spread the word and let other communities know about our ambassador program.
:one: The application period will be open for 10 days, starting from May 9th and closing on May 19th.
:two: We’ll begin the interview and screening process from May 19th to May 27th.
:three: We’ll announce our ambassadors on May 30th.
:four: Kickstart with the chosen Ambassadors on June 5th.

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Target KPIs per role

Brand Ambassador

  • Increase the number of newly listed dapps
  • Increase the percentage of updated data on dapps
  • Increase DappRadar’s presence in online events
  • Increase product awareness

Community Builder

  • Increase community engagement
  • Increase the rate of success for events
  • Improve community moderation
  • Foster collaborative community building

Content Creator

  • Increase social media presence
  • Improve visual content
  • Foster collaborative community building
  • Drive the DappRadar Web3 gaming initiatives


  • Improve community knowledge
  • Increase community engagement
  • Foster collaborative community building
  • Drive the DappRadar Web3 gaming initiatives


  • Increase the analyst/researcher involvement
  • Increase community engagement
  • Foster collaborative community building
  • Drive the DappRadar Web3 gaming initiatives

What is expected from each role (subject to change)

Brand Ambassador:

  • Bridge developer communities
  • Bridge dapp communities
  • Get dapp to list or update
  • Represent DR in online events

Community Builder:

  • Foster community engagement and bond
  • Work on community events
  • Moderate
  • Gaming Community initiatives

Content Creator

  • Twitter posts
  • Engaging on socials
  • Content creation (by task)
  • Web3 gaming content


  • Education Discord/Discourse Forum posts
  • Educational discussions
  • Sharing alpha/content
  • Education on Web3 gaming


  • Analytical Discord/Discourse Forum posts
  • Analytical discussions
  • Sharing alpha/content
  • Analysis of Web3 games


We are thrilled to announce the launch of our ambassador program on Monday, June 5th. We have carefully selected a group of exceptional individuals to be our ambassadors, but this is just the start of an exciting journey.

Our chosen ambassadors are:

  • Mike Perez [Outreach Wizard] - WWWSpaceship
  • Selim Center [Knowledge Sensei] - Selim.C
  • Luciano Mathias [Content Alchemist] - LucianoMathias
  • Ringo Miner [Community Knight] - RingoMiner
  • Olaoluwa Tunmise [Analytical Sage] - ApostleOfFinance

These ambassadors have been chosen for their outstanding skills and qualities. Their expertise and passion will be instrumental in creating a strong and vibrant community.

Furthermore, we want to emphasize that this program is just the beginning. Following the initial launch, we will conduct a thorough assessment of the pilot program to gather valuable insights and feedback. This assessment will help us evaluate the effectiveness of the ambassador program and identify areas for improvement.

Based on the outcomes of the assessment, we will make informed decisions to continue growing the program. This may involve expanding our ambassador team, introducing new roles, or implementing enhancements to better meet the needs of our community.

We look forward to sharing updates and future developments as we embark on this journey together. Stay tuned for more exciting news in the coming months.

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