[DCP-1] Extend farming rewards on Sushiswap 2x Farm


Summary: The initial Sushiswap 2x Farm was launched on the 17th December 2021 and was set to run for 30 days with 936,237 RADAR rewards per day. As the deadline is approaching for the end of the current farming rewards period, we need to define for how long to extend the rewards period for and how much rewards should be offered.

Motivation: Rewarding Liquidity Providers (LPs) through farms is very important to ensure deep depth and enable the execution of large trades with the lowest slippage possible. We’re still early and focusing on increasing liquidity on decentralized exchanges is very important.

Abstract: At the time of writing, the RADAR-ETH pool on Sushiswap has $3.1M liquidity. When deciding the amount of rewards for liquidity providers, it is important to consider how that will affect the liquidity amount in the pool. A big reduction in rewards will almost certainly result in a reduction in total liquidity providers. Because the amount of liquidity in the pool is still quite small, we need to keep the rewards going and focus on maintaining and bringing in more liquidity.

Doing so will help RADAR to develop price infrastructure and price finding foundation and bring price stability.

Since RADAR is still a newborn and there is only one farm for incentivizing LPs so far, there are not too many data points to help us make a very educated decision, so we’re gonna plan the next steps based on the results we had so far. If this proposal passes, we will gather more intelligence and it will help us make better decisions going forward.

The Sushiswap 2x Farm is flexible and rewards can be adjusted on an ongoing basis depending on the results. Lowering or increasing the rewards is possible, even while rewards are live.

The current proposal is to extend the Sushi 2x Farm rewards for 3 months, starting from 17th January 2022. Based on other community discussions, there are indications that more farms could be launched in the foreseeable future.

Specifications - Math

  • Current LP RADAR rewards: 936,237 RADAR/day for 30 days (Total: 28,087,110 RADAR)
  • Proposed LP RADAR rewards: 800,000 RADAR/day for 90 days (3 months) (Total: 72,000,000 RADAR)


  • Maintaining and potentially increasing liquidity in the RADAR-ETH pool
  • Increasing depth of the pool and lowering slippage
  • Sudden drop in liquidity if rewards are expiring
  • Gain investors exposure
  • Develop a price infrastructure and price finding foundation
  • Price stability


  • Distributing a large amount of RADAR


  • FOR - Extend farming on Sushiswap 2x Farm for 90 days (3 months) with a total of 72,000,000 RADAR at a rate of 800,000 RADAR per day.
  • AGAINST - Do not extend farming on Sushiswap 2x Farm
Extend farming on Sushiswap 2x Farm
  • FOR

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It is very important to maintain high liquidity which allows RADAR to have healthy trading activity.
While we are building contribute2earn mechanics, let’s ensure there is enough liquidity for the time being.

I vote FOR and encourage you to vote FOR as well.


I vote FOR, because it’s important to keep liquidity as high as possible.

I’d also be in favor of boosting the APY should it drop much further, to keep attracting LP providers. Let’s say LP drops below 200%, let’s add 10% to the daily reward pool.


I vote FOR

obviously because I am also benefiting :slight_smile:


I vote FOR
Because liquidity is everything.


Nobody wants plenty of shitcoin, people want more radar

I voted for this because liquidity is extremely important to stabilizing the token price, which would otherwise be easily subject to dumps.

However, as you rightly pointed out, this means token emissions is high, which leads to dumping. So the important question is what next? We can continue emitting more tokens, but without a sink to absorb those added emissions, we will be continuing to chase the tail.

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I vote FOR
As others have pointed out, there needs to be a utility to consume the tokens so that they are not dumped.
By the way, this forum doesn’t have wallet connections or anything, is this an official vote?

I vote FOR
Because liquidity is so important in every project.

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I vote FOR, because this would do the Token a lot of good


We are in Business here … it was not cheap investments, (+Gas Fee),
so Yes, I have voted FOR, because we needed it.


I voted for
Couse this pool need more time to show it’s power

I vote FOR
very good.

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Vote go go radarrrrrr

I vote FOR because to keep liquidity as high as possible is extremely important

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I vote FOR, because this would do the Token a lot of good

In 4 days this vote will end. After that it’s looks like it will be confirmed as a proposal. Then it will go to Snapshot and you need to put your RADAR tokens to work by voting.


It’s this gonna decrease value of radar if there is more tokens in circulation?

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Vote FOR. The liquidity and farms is a incentive very important ,. Radar token is FOR community, Vote FOR community Dappradar®.

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Not a good decision while there is a plenty amount of airdrop to claim, and making rewards 2 X while all the market is dumping will make my money all I have put in radar dumped more and more, so not good, everyone thinking on the profit :@

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