DappRadar Merchandise

Crazy idea:
DappRadar Merchandise.
Sell it. Give it away. Hand it out at tech/crypto conventions. Whatever gets the company logo recognized.
T-shirts, coffee cups, pens, etc.
If it’s already out there, I haven’t seen it. (And I’d like a coffee cup.)

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What about doing merch around RADAR, so taking this thing a bit broader? Setting up RADAR Style, a fashion brand for the Web3 redpilled community.

Quarterly fashion items

  • 1 item per quarter, high quality, lots of detail
  • Purchase comes with an NFT, which can be applied to VRM avatar (CloneX, CryptoAvatars)
  • Purchase only possible when activity threshold (Gamification XP earning) has been met.
  • Only 1 purchase per account
  • Payment happens in RADAR, obviously.
  • Some are being used to reward active community members

This is just a brainstorm, but we could work with some of the following:

  • Boson Protocol - redemption of physical items on NFT purchases
  • The Fabricant - digital fashion house from Amsterdam
  • Art by Crea - digital fashion designer, part of CloneX community
  • RTFKT - owned by Nike, but offer VRM ready avatars
  • CryptoAvatars - VRM avatar company

Pretty sure there are plenty of designers who would love to jump in.


Thank you for expanding on my very basic concept nederob.
Exactly what I was hoping to do, was put it in the ears of people who may think it was a good idea and be able to expand on it.
In this bear market I think it’s important for good projects like this one to also concern themselves with name/brand recognition.
When the sentiment once again shifts and the masses are ready to dive into dapps/nft’s/blockchain etc they’ll turn toward a familiar name/logo first.