DappRadar DAO Newsletter - May 2023

gm DappRadar fam and Web3 explorers,

April has been a month full of RADAR love and DappRadar action. With this monthly update, we want to provide you with an overview of all things you need to know about DappRadar and the RADAR ecosystem.

Please feel free to drop your feedback here on the Forum, and participate in other discussions that are happening here or in our Discord. Your voice matters. This helps to build a better product, and as DappRadar transitions into a DAO, you can participate in building The World’s Dapp Store.


Community updates

This April we had a lot of major updates for the RADAR family. This includes updates on our vision, our roadmap and the future of RADAR and DappRadar.

  • Whitepaper 2.0 has been published, highlighting the direction that DappRadar will take on the journey moving forward. You can read the Whitepaper 2.0 here.
  • There have been 3 DappRadar Community Proposals passed, and one of them has been revised.
    • First of all DCP-9 v2 has passed, adding 3 months of rewards to those providing liquidity to the pool of SushiSwap.
    • Second, DCP-10 passed as well, introducing a 3-month NFT membership for existing PRO members. Holding the NFT gives you PRO for a limited time.
    • And thirdly, DCP-11 passed, introducing our community to PRO 2.0.

At the same time, we’ve got one discussion live about the introduction of DappRadar Ambassadors. Please read the proposal, share your thoughts and help to shape the proposal before it goes live for a vote.

As mentioned, we launched a new staking system. Right now there’s a set APR, and by staking 30,000 RADAR users unlock the DappRadar PRO membership. Instead of paying a monthly fee, the community actually earns an interest on their membership. Please check out the PRO page on DappRadar, and refer to our Discord if you need help or have questions.

Finally, DappRadar DAO has become a validator of the Ronin Network. This means we run a node, and everybody who owns RON tokens can stake them on our node to earn an APY. We’ve been building alongside Sky Mavis for more than 4 years, and we’re excited to be such an integral part of their gaming ecosystem.

Media coverage

In April we received a total of 4,336 media mentions, which includes articles on established media outlets such as Forbes, Cointelegraph and Decrypt. The total amount of media mentions is up 28% month-over-month, which is something we could perceive as a bullish signal for the industry. Dapp data is slowly becoming more relevant, and crucial to the media for their reports.

Be sure to read these articles

Industry Reports

Our industry reports tend to attract quite some media attention, which you can also see in the section above. However, some reports do well on social media, while others do better in traditional media.

For example, our report about Yuga Labs did well in traditional media, but not so much on social media. At the same time, our report about Asia resonated well on social media and in the blogging sphere.

In April we published the following reports:

Did you know that you can help us by sharing our reports on social media, and making other people aware?

Product and integration updates

April has been a monumental month with many major updates, even though some of those updates will come to fruition later this year. Let me quickly sum up what you may have missed.

  • As mentioned, we launched PRO 2.0, which comes with a new form of staking. This also means we no longer support cross-chain staking. Now, when you stake on BNB Chain, you can only claim your rewards on BNB Chain.


  • For the first time, we’ve created membership access through an NFT. Users who hold the PRO OG NFT get 3 months of access to DappRadar PRO without the need to stake their tokens.

  • Those we check our Rankings regularly, will have noticed some visual changes. However, for now these changes are only visual. The development team has laid the foundations to introduce new features in the months to come. This has been a huge undertaking, so major props to the devs.

  • DappRadar is now working with BitsCrunch, allowing more and better NFT price estimations. In April we added 10 new collections to our machine-learning price estimations.

Marketing campaigns

In April we did some great giveaways with our partners. For example, we had a metaverse event with the team of The Nemesis, making people discover DappRadar through the metaverse world of The Nemesis. In addition we’ve had a digital fashion campaign with SecondLive, while we also did a cool campaign with BitKeep. These campaigns highlight our ambition to work together with forward thinking innovation organizations within Web3.

At the same time we’ve joined a wide variety of events, obviously tapping into topics such as our Whitepaper. Our CEO Skirmantas joined AMAs with OKX, Whale Coin Talk and Radix, talking about the whitepaper, the future of the World’s Dapp Store, and the importance of dapp discovery. At the same time co-founder Dragos participated in an AMA with Gate.io, highlighting the functionalities of RADAR now and in the future. Lastly, our head of engineering Michael joined Twitter Spaces with the Polygon community.

Nathan, our Head of DAO, has been traveling a lot lately. He attended two DAO conferences at Harvard University and the University of Lisbon with CIPD.

And of course we’ve organized a wide range of events ourselves. We’ve done our first DAO workshop on Discord, tailored for both the DappRadar Team and the PRO Members. We envision more of such events in the future as our community becomes part of our DAO.

This month we’ve also started the Gaming in the Age of Blockchain series, hosted by our Head of Research Pedro and me. Here we’ve already talked to teams such as My Pet Hooligans and Shrapnel. So make sure you tune in every Thursday.

New to DappRadar DAO

What is DappRadar DAO, and how do I get involved? Read all about how we see the DAO evolve, and what the future will hold for DappRadar as the number one discovery platform for decentralized applications in DeFi, gaming and all other product categories.

Make sure to check out the Ambassadors Proposal on our Forum, and feel free to read the Whitepaper 2.0 and understand our vision even better.


Thanks for providing the summary of events in April. It was a month filled with amazing updates, relevant improvements to DappRadar and a sneak peak into the future of RADAR.