DappRadar DAO Newsletter - April 2023

gm DappRadar fam and Web3 explorers,

We’re back with another monthly update on all things DappRadar. It’s been a busy month with long-awaited product updates. In such a quickly evolving industry as Web3, it’s sometimes hard to keep up to date, and so we’re happy to share a compilation of these different announcements and give you a clear understanding of what’s happening in the DappRadar ecosystem.

We always appreciate receiving feedback from our community on the different updates. This helps us to improve the product and see how we can effectively grow a more sustainable and value alignment community. Thanks for your current engagement – there’s no DAO community without you.


Community updates

A major part of ensuring the success of DappRadar DAO is enabling more token holders, contributors, and potential users to join our ecosystem. Having major listings supports this process by exposing RADAR and its different uses to a wider audience.

In our recent Proposal, we discussed allocating a budget so that the DappRadar team could deal with the different costs relating to the listing process – from legal costs, marketing costs, and everything in between. The Proposal has passed, and in the future, we will give more details on how we will provide transport reporting on how the budget will be used.

Another important area for our DAOs success is participation. For the DappRadar DAO, we want to make it as easy as possible for our community members to get involved with our mission to be the World’s Dapp Store. Therefore, this Wednesday we will be launching our first DAO Community workshop, where the community can participate in a call with our entire team. This will specifically be for our most dedicated community members, the PRO members. So if you would like to be part of that workshop make sure to hold 5,000 or more RADAR in your wallet and connect to the PRO channel in our Discord.

Media coverage

In March, we saw an increase in the number of media mentions that we had, growing from 2,911 to 3,390. This was likely due to our in-depth and prompt coverage of the Silicon Valley Bank and subsequent Coinbase events, where research and material from our articles were mentioned across multiple media channels.

This included top coverage from CNBC, Forbes, Reuters, CoinDesk, Cointelegraph, CryptoPotato, Nasdaq, Yahoo! Finance, Fortune, Decrypt, BeInCrypto, The Daily Hodl, CryptoSlate.

Industry Reports

Our increased media coverage comes from our ability to produce high-quality reports based on the data that we collect on-chain and off-chain. A huge kudos to our Research team for their work that is used cross-industry. This month they produce the following reports:

You can always find all the reports on our Reports page.

Product and Integration updates

Our product developments never stop here at DappRadar. We are constantly innovating our platform to ensure that we provide our user base with what they need to become the best Web3 explorers in the industry.

This month we continued in that trend updating the API to be able to provide our API partners with increased metrics and data points. In line with the API updates, there is also a new partnership with Blockfence, utilizing our new safety use case. We’ve been excited to see the different utilities that our partners have been able to develop by leveraging our large datasets.

On our product pages, there are now new DeFi charts which will reduce the need for our users to have multiple web pages when completing their due diligence on a dapp. We will continue to update these pages in the future.

Lastly, this month we had a big integration with MOOI Network, a leading game-tailored ecosystem, a side-chain from the Klaytn blockchain. With a focus on metaverses and games, we are sure to see more dapps listed in the near future.

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Marketing campaigns

At DappRadar we are in the business of the community, connecting with like-minded folk in the industry while learning and sharing alpha. This month the team hosted and was part of multiple Twitter Spaces including:

  • Twitter Spaces for Games Report
  • Twitter Spaces about SVB - USDC depegging
  • Twitter Spaces for Metaverse Report
  • Twitter Spaces with The Nemesis
  • Discord Live Event about API use cases

Last but not least, we revealed the highly anticipated 2023 Roadmap which saw us provide the community with more transparency on the upcoming features that we will see in our product and DAO developments too. Our Head of Content Robert wrote a fantastic write-up on the finer details that you can read here.

New to DappRadar DAO

What is DappRadar DAO, and how do I get involved? Read all about how we see the DAO evolve, and what the future will hold for DappRadar as the number one discovery platform for decentralized applications in DeFi, gaming and all other product categories.


Thanks for this summary. You touched every activity and event accurately. Keep it up. Glad to see we have made great progress within a short time.