DappRadar DAO Governance Process

This document is presenting the process for creating and advancing DappRadar Community Proposals (DCP). It can always be modified and influenced by the community feedback. Feel free to suggest any improvements in the General thread.

Governance Process Overview:

  1. Share your idea with the community and get feedback. Post the idea on the forum, then use the feedback received to refine your proposal. You can always share your ideas in Discord relevant channels too.
  2. When you are ready to create a proposal, use the Proposal Template to draft your proposal and post it in the relevant Proposals category for the final feedback. The Proposal needs to include a For/Against poll to gauge sentiment.
  3. After 7 days in the Proposals category, if the feedback is positive and have at least 20 votes and confidence that the proposal will pass is high, go to Snapshot and create the final Proposal.

If you have any questions, before or during this process, we’re waiting for you in our Discord server.

This governance process is focused on proposing, discussing and deciding the next steps for the DappRadar DAO. We have defined some initial Workstreams which will help us to keep things structured and organized.

Currently, there are the following Workstreams:

  • Product: Discuss and propose future features and integrations of the World’s Dapp Store. Influence the roadmap and help DappRadar build a one stop shop solution for discovering and investing in dapps.
  • Marketing: Create and organize campaigns that will bring DappRadar products and DAO in front of as many users as possible.
  • RADAR Tokenomics: Shape and evolve the utility and value accrual of the RADAR token.

The workstreams proposed are flexible. There is always the possibility to add or remove a workstream. If you have an idea that doesn’t fit into any of the workstreams above, you can suggest a new one here.


Forum Proposals

  • The proposal needs to be active in the Proposals Discussions category for 7 days
  • Have the correct title, including [DCP-#] and proposal number
  • Minimum 20 votes and have more “For” votes than “Against”
  • Use the DappRadar Proposal Template


Once the Forum Proposal is successful (see criteria above), publish your proposal to Snapshot and initiate the formal voting.
The Snapshot proposal threshold is 100,000 RADAR tokens.

Voting on Snapshot enables RADAR token holders to vote on proposals by signing a message which is gas free, rather than executing an on-chain transaction, which costs gas.

Voting power is based on RADAR held in the wallet (1 RADAR = 1 Vote) and each proposal is configured as follows:

  • Minimum voting period: 72 hours
  • Quorum: At least 10,000,000 (10M) RADAR tokens must participate in the vote to be considered ratified.

Soft Quorum

Early in the governance process, it might be difficult to reach quorum, given the fact that the Airdrop is still on-going and the amount of tokens in circulation is not very high. To kick start the governance process and avoid hitting walls, we are adopting the soft quorum idea. Soft quorum will help the Governance move forward if a proposal would almost certainly have passed if quorum was reached. This is inspired by Shapeshift (FOX) Governance Process.

For proposals that do not reach quorum, assume that 70% of the votes left to reach quorum are against the proposal. If this would still result in a majority of votes being in favor of the proposal, then proposal can be considered passed.

There are only 6M votes and the quorum is 10M. From the 6M votes, 5M are For, 1M are Against. There are 4M votes left to reach quorum. Assuming that 70% of the 4M votes left are Against, that would result in a Passed proposal, assuming 1M + 2.8M votes are Against and 5M + 1.2M votes are For.

:abacus: Soft Quorum calculator (Use the calculator to understand it better)

Keep in mind that this document is only meant to act as a starting point for the governance process. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please contribute.


Given the fact that the Airdrop is still on-going and the amount of tokens in circulation is not very high, in order to move forward with the Governance process and not hit any walls so early, I have added the Soft Quorum section, inspired by other DAOs that took the same path early in their Governance process. Looking forward to your feedback.


I try summarize DappRadar DAO Governance Process in one page and this makes it easier for the community to be able to examine and give ideas for development

I also had some notes that I posted in a separate topic

If there are any errors in the illustration and any notes, I hope you will alert me to them so that I can correct them