DappRadar DAO Governance Process Summary

I try summarize DappRadar DAO Governance Process in one page and this makes it easier for the community to be able to examine and give ideas for development

In fact it is always difficult to establish rules and steps in the DAO governance process in any crypto project because each project has a different nature from the others

We cannot copy the same steps from another project and work without modifications
to make the process suitable for this project specifically

DAO Governance Process start here by “Post the idea on the forum” most DAOs begin by this step

The situation in DappRadar is different the forum is not active in the way that we can start the governance process from it
(it requires Minimum 20 votes and have more “For” votes than “Against” )
in DappRadar forum may be someone but excellent proposal and not have these vote because the activity is low

in other DAOs activity to forum be high because they depend a lot on forum some DAOS organizations rely on the forum in all decisions

such as any partnership with any other organization or decisions to appoint any employee
or any other decisions when the DAOs receives any offer or any suggestion that is presented
to the forum and thus the forum becomes very active and decentralization is achieved

The situation in DappRadar is different it is closer to centralization so forum activity is limited it is difficult to start through the forum the governance process
Some things have to be changed to make it work by this way

I have another note

If proposal pass from Forum Proposals stage it goes directly to Snapshot

There should be a committee formed
from DappRadar team and some members of the community check and review any proposal if it can pass from the first step

and check out several things like

The risks related to this proposal, the cost and time required for implementation,
and the alternative opportunities in the end the proposal may pass first stage and it has some risks inside that are not disclosed by normal people but discover only by experts

After that, it is returned to the community and the committee presents a report explaining all the risks, costs, time and any other things related to this proposal if the community does not change its opinion about this proposal
Then it will be send to Snapshot

If it was shown in a Snapshot directly, this is a dangerous thing may be DappRadar get involved in wrong decisions

community and investors are not experts
they need the opinions of the DappRadar team and the opinions of experts so that the picture is completely clear to them then they can make the appropriate decisions

I still have some ideas and notes but I think that the matter needs to be built gradually
and through community interaction
good governance system is built that suits the conditions to DappRadar
the only way to build a good system that comes from interacting with the opinions of the community and cannot be transferred or copied

If there is something inaccurate in the illustration please let me know and I will correct it

This is just for discussion and I hope to receive comments and opinions from the DappRadar community and team
they are definitely more experienced and knowledgeable than me, especially what suits DappRadar


Nice work @mixmore - I think you need to keep into account that we use our Discord channel for initial conversations. When someone has an idea, they can gather some following for their idea there.

Then it goes to the Forum to establish the proper proposal. When that has been formalized, it’s ready to see how well the idea is received by the community with a Forum vote. So if you’ve been talking to people on Discord already, the Forum vote is almost a formality.

After that Forum vote, things go to Snapshot.

About centralization vs decentralization. For now DappRadar is a normal company that can be influenced by the community… and over time more things will be run by the DAO. This is not a process of quickly switching power plugs, but more likely a multi-year journey.

At this moment DappRadar still has a veto vote.

But you’re right, I like the idea of a community committee to review proposals – add cost, time, and risk analysis. The more we become a DAO, the more quality control will be needed to make sure we’re not overexposed to risk.

Soft quorum is implemented at the moment, indeed as a precaution to make sure votes pass even when there’s little token circulation. In the future we shouldn’t need SQ because there will be enough tokens on the market, and - I hope - enough people and companies interested in voting actively.


As @nederob said, great work again @mixmore

My first thought is that you’re right – there needs to be more engagement with the community and for more activity and proposals to come from the community.

We are working in the background to steadily transfer more of the responsibility, assets, and revenue streams to the DAO – but as you mentioned, there will be a transition that allows us to balance the different assets that can be effectively managed in a decentralised manner – taking int consideration the different financial, legal and operational risks.

Governance process-wise, it’s great to keep things simple and use this standard and begin to tweak it as we see how the community begins to interact with the process.

The transition will also include activating more of the workstreams by having the DappRadar team initiate actions from the Forum and community itself – opening for feedback and support where possible.

In due time, more initiatives will come from the community itself, than the DappRadar team. You mentioned that the community will not be experts, but there will be more and more individuals like yourself, who are not passive members of the community but actively look to improve the DAO and the product. These are the types of individuals are pivotal for rigorous governance processes, but also are great potential DAO contributors too.

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Good job on that, Can see you been thinking about this at least. I get worried about people having a say sometimes, If its the what do we want say then yes i think that’s cool. But when it comes to how should we do it? that’s when it starts to get me worried because people will look to take advantage of something so that risk analysis is a must.
I feel like dappradar does alot with communicating with the community not much else they can do they hang around with us on discord everyday of the week. im active on discord. Noticed a few trolls =) i know there trolls cuz im also a troll that dude who asked who i was and asked if i was a guru =) LMAO i chuckled…but he was a troll =) and alex handled that like a champ i dont know how they dont flip out sometimes they just trying to get that reaction tho.
Think were gonna get a vote page for governance. (long as it dont take my radar away or cost a fortune ill be voting)

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@nederob Thank you for your comment and you right - DAO governance process begin from discord in DappRaddar not from forum at least until now (may be that different from many other DAOs) so the illustration need to modify to make process begin from discord also your note about centralization vs decentralization its right and I agree with you it will take long time in fact most what you mention in your comment I agree with
and you made a lot of things more clear to me thank you again

@vandynathan Thank you for your comment you analyze things by very good way
I agree with you in the gradual transition from centralization to decentralization
and in to keep things simple and in most you mention
In fact the DappRadar team is great and the comments are always great and you have very good ability to explain and make things clear in a simple way
but if I can add something to make DappRadar forum community more active maybe we can do that by simple ideas if we put forum link is place beside to the social media links on DappRadar website

Like the picture the number of members may increase on a forum and there may be many of them who are active and interactive and provide good ideas
In fact forum link to DappRadar not easy to find
It is not easy to notice that DappRadar own forum because the link is not in a visible place
there are many simple ideas to increase interaction in the forum like this idea

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@vandynathan when I read your comment now again I think about new things you talk in very important points

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@madeafterdeath Thank you for your comment it makes me think about more things I think governance process need to discuss more from community

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