Compensation for the Users locked into The V2 staking

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I feel like some compensation should be given back to the users who have been locked into V2 staking now for nearly over a month.
In my eyes the community is not happy at what has happened. (even if it was needed to be done)
I think the compensation should come in the form of RADAR tokens as well how ever many that maybe.
I can almost equate this lock to a loan. Due to apeswap having its own Staking i have had my tokens locked while others have been able to claim rewards. I talked about this on The Discord and im putting a vote up for it in forums if a vote isn’t needed then that’s good but i hope the right decision is made.

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I’m not sure if a compensation in RADAR makes a lot of sense. I agree this is annoying (got some RADAR locked in V2 myself) and it’s very good that you speak out about it. However, throwing more RADAR into it isn’t directly the answer.

Why? Someone who’s pissed (can’t blame them) is more likely to take their staked RADAR out and dump it. Right? So rewarding them will add more price pressure.

If we do something, I’d much rather see those who endured and stayed get rewarded

Personally, I’d much rather look at a solution where users who keep staking after things come back online, will get a small boost. So rewarding people for staying with RADAR even after going through the LayerZero fiasco. That way you reward people with the intention to stick around, instead of those who will dump.

Is this technically possible? No idea. Maybe?

How would that look like? When it’s automated you can add a % per staked RADAR, that’s easy. But when things go manual, than rewards need to be batched.
1,000 - 6,000 RADAR staked → 500 RADAR bonus
6,001 - 10,000 RADAR staked → 700 RADAR bonus etc.

Again, these numbers are made up. But it would allow for batching of multiple accounts, and doing manual reward distributions.

What do you think?


btw I am moving this thread to General chat, as this is not a DCP Template / Proposal template

Sounds ok im sticking about you know i am and im sure others will as well there will be some runners.
Sounds good tho should be discussed with the people in charge of it and know what can be given and what cant be given and how it should be given.

Also with the multi accounts i didn’t even think about that so i can see your point there.

But im sure a move like this would keep the community happy and less people leaving.
Re-staking for a bonus sounds like a good incentive for them who was locked into the contract tho to re-stake and stick about.

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I can understand the frustration @madeafterdeath. Also in the same boat as quite a few of the other DAO members. Apart from the above-mentioned difficulties in actually quantifying any sort of compensation – especially when our RADAR tokens and rewards are safe – there also needs to be some more context and understanding.

It’s quite tough in crypto because things are very new, we’re working with cutting-edge technology and it’s subject to a number of risks, and assumptions (from our front-end deployment, smart contract risks etc.).

Therefore, there’s a level of good faith, that we have in the team that although they won’t get things perfect, we give them space to fix these issues. In this situation, it’s an issue that needs to be fixed with another third party too, which takes even longer, so there needs to be a level of empathy there.

I think this understanding should also be mentioned when considering these options.

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I hope we all know that when a Community does not keep up with the time frame given earlier to solve a specific issue, it sends a message. Even as we speak about compensation which maybe fair, those responsible for getting things up and running should do so as soon as possible.


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I’m not that frustrated to be honest.
But im seeing people talking about staking everyday and people moaning about it.
Yep there’s been difficulties. But there as also been centralised decision’s made on the contract after it was updated the first time i know/hope are funds are safe no1 can be 100% sure. so saying its safe and then following on with it’s subject to a number of risks, and assumptions. <—see where im going with this people are gonna be worried think nearly everyone in this community as been ripped off at somepoint by people they thought they could trust by assuming they could trust them.

Personally i feel my funds are safe. (if this was any other crypto project tho and they did this i would honestly think i was being robbed) and i still got good faith in the team and the project i dont expect them to get it perfect but a show of good will goes along way in earning peoples trust. on space of time its taken (its now taken longer than even i expected we are now into October) This third party needs to pull its thumb out of its Bum You need to let them know now what’s being said and how your community is reacting to there pace if it isn’t Radars teams fault and if it is just on this third party then try and get them to help with some of the Compo back if its not your fault if they want you to ever come back to them. (im sure there are others who can be used to audit or what ever it is they are doing/not doing)

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I too believe that some form of a bonus or reward for single stakers that remain committed post layerzero mess would be a more constructive incentive structure. If is it decided to be necessary for preserving overall community health.


I’m against any kind of compensation. Bad things happen, it’s just how it is.
The team should use resources for improving this project, that way price will rise naturally and you will get your rewards by holding RADAR.
Also, giving out compensation in RADAR to a lot of unhappy people will probably end with a big dump.
If people really want some kind of reward I’d rather we get a cosmetic NFT with little to no utility just as a symbolic thank-you from the team.


If it would damage the community then i wouldn’t want it to happen but i don’t think it will damage community unless they give too much away. but i saw a 46% pump today and nothing i could do that hurt…that’s a first for me. (ive sold once (mint token) and missed a pump before that also hurt).
I mean im not asking for much im asking that some of the tokens that got taken out the contract be given back to them who was locked into the V2 staking and could do nothing with there tokens or rewards other than keep them staked (could take into account the rewards we gathered in that time) but i think soon as staking is fixed its going to fall down the APY tho u never know might go up if people do dump. I wouldn’t moan at a thank you NFT tho and some extra radar in my wallet. (i dont think everyone who was locked into V2 will dump it some might re-stake it (it might even make a few more pros) … Tho what evers best for the community and good suggestion tbf if nothing can be done a thank you and sorry nft would be nice =)

Also in the time we been locked over a month others have been getting a 100% + apy collecting in rewards (i think they apys are Crazy tbf very nice but means tokens going to go down as people cash there rewards out and them locked into the stake now for over a month cant do nothing while others cash out) Should get some compo.

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I also agree some kind of compensation for locking up funds for over a month would be appropriate. Im fine with some type of mechanism to restake and voluntarily lock to receive those earning or the additional compensation can just be vested if theres a big concern of it being dumped. Ive regularly moved my funds around between single sided staking and apeswap depending on what made sense, including even compounding and i havent been able to do any of that. If the team doesnt come up with some kind of compensation plan for this extensive length of lockup, i wont have faith in them anymore to do what should be right so in my eyes, that would do more damage to the community than to not compensate.

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I’m mainly frustrated that I haven’t been able to compound :roll_eyes:

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one of first things ill be doing when staking comes back. is compound i took out just before the lock my bnb side of it. wanted some pancakes to earn to put back in then it locked up. but back to what i orginaly had and a little more now just compound it want to get to 50,000 radar at least hoping by march 2023 then polygon gonna happen then see what happens after that. ideally id like 120,000 by end of it all cuz thats 10,000 per month. and see what other updates come in the pipe line in that time.

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Dear All,

If I can claim my reward accumulated during this “frozen” period of time I am happy !
Also I agree with @nederob to reward loyal investors, who will stay and stake again their RADAR:)

Also, RADAR DAO team, next time be careful who you partner with (LZ), because nowadays everybody promising everything and at the end run away or deliver “empty box”.
Check how many fake projects on Discord :))


Would still like a little compo from this lock up lol. if we cant afford it we cant but we was about to burn 93,000,000 radar. just saying =) be nice to see a little bit of that in are wallets for the locked funds. 1 mill split evenly among them who were staked regardless of how much it was. if u go on how much they had staked you be giving rich people more money + £50 can mean alot to someone when they don’t have it so how much they had staked shouldn’t count we was all in the same boat.

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As for re-staking for compo i don’t think it should be done that way other people might just wanna sell and that sounds bad but other people will buy it back up. also re-staking 2 times on same pool is shocking like we been though 3 smart contract by time its ended lol…hope that don’t happen. Also again the Split should be Even among number of users locked into it.

BUMP BUMP BUMP BUMP BUMP : this is making more and more sense every week.