Ambassador Program: Season 1 Operations Discussion

GM Explorers!

For the sake of transparency and to ensure that our community remains well-informed, I’d like to dive deep into the operational aspects of the Ambassador Program. Going forward, most of our discussions related to this will occur here on the forums.

Operational Work Outline for Season 1 Preparation:

  • Develop onboarding videos and comprehensive knowledge enrichment content.
    Organize event planning for regular community spaces.
  • Establish communication channels and a specific communication plan for each marketing head’s interaction with ambassadors, outlining key discussion points.
  • Design feedback forms, weekly report templates, and compile a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.
  • Determine work schedules or time assignments for ambassadors and detail their responsibilities and tasks.
  • Send direct invitations to key influencers and eligible ambassadors.
  • Procure and produce visual assets with the Design team and for content creators to use throughout the plan.
  • Liaise with team members to identify potential ambassador-hosted activities.


For a clearer understanding of our objectives and the underlying reasons for each action, I’ve compiled everything on a Notion page. This page will also offer insights into the complete plan and framework for Ambassador Program Season 1. Please note that it will be updated and expanded continuously.

Your feedback and suggestions will be invaluable in refining our approach. Let’s make this season a success!


I will try to be a Ambassador

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